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(A faithful Greek companion of Paul)
Paul's love for
2Co 2:13; 7:6,7,13,14; 8:23; Tit 1:4
With Paul in Macedonia (see postscript to 2Co)
Affection of, for the Corinthians
2Co 7:15
Sent to Corinth
2Co 8:6,16-22; 12:17,18
Character of
2Co 12:18
Accompanies Paul to Jerusalem
Ga 2:1-3
Ac 15:1-29
Left by Paul in Crete
Tit 1:5
To rejoin him in Nicopolis
Tit 3:12
Paul writes to
Tit 1:1-4
With Paul in Rome, with the postscript to
2Ti 4:10
Goes to Dalmatia
2Ti 4:10