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1. Son of Jacob and Leah

Ge 30:20; 35:23; 46:14; 49:13; Ex 1:3; 1Ch 2:1
Descendants of
Ge 46:14; Nu 26:26,27
Also called ZABULUN

2. Tribe of

Place of, in marching and camping
Nu 2:3,7; 10:14,16
Territory awarded to
Ge 49:13; Jos 19:10-16; Mt 4:13
Aboriginal inhabitants of the territory of, not expelled
Jud 1:30
Levitical cities of
Jos 21:34,35; 1Ch 6:77
Moses' benediction upon
De 33:18,19
Loyalty of, in resisting the enemies of Israel
With Barak against Sisera
Jud 4:6,10; 5:14,18
With Gideon against the Midianites
Jud 6:35
With David when made king over Israel
1Ch 12:33,38-40
Joins with Hezekiah in renewing the Passover
2Ch 30:11,18
Conquest of, by Tiglath-pileser; carried away to Assyria into captivity
2Ki 15:29; Isa 9:1
Jesus lived in the land of
Mt 4:15
Twelve thousand sealed
Re 7:8